America Drinks Too Much Soda


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America Drinks Too Much Soda

Soda is the beverage of selection for most Americans. In most grocery shops, soda fills up an entire isle. Study has demonstrated that the average American consumes over two servings of soda per day. This statistic includes children as well. Too many children are drinking far too much soda.

Regular soda contains large amounts of sugar. It is often found in the form of high fructose corn syrup. It is estimated that a regular can of soda has the equivalent of nine teaspoons of sugar. Imagine eating nine teaspoons of sugar one right after the other. This is essentially what you are doing when you drink a can of regular soda. This helps to explain why childhood diabetes and obesity are becoming a huge problem.

A lot of people drink diet soda to stay clear of the sugar, thinking that it is the healthy solution. Not in accordance with recent studies. Men and women that drink diet soda seem to be gaining extra weight rather than losing it. They seem to be gaining more weight than those that don’t drink it. America drinks much more diet soda than anywhere else in the world. Several scientists think that the artificial sweeteners which are found in diet soda, are unhealthy for the body and might lead to other health problems. Scientists also think that artificial sweeteners trigger the body to crave more sweets and simple carbohydrates, which complicates problems.

Soda companies have huge advertising budgets to try to convince the general public that diet soda is healthy for us. In addition to artificial sweeteners, diet soda contains other ingredients that are harmful for our health. Similar to regular soda, they often contain caffeine, phosphoric acid and sodium.

Caffeine might be addictive. It is recognized to cause fatigue, insomnia and mental stress. It is a diuretic. This means that instead of helping the body become hydrated, it causes it to become dehydrated. After you drink diet soda, you may feel that you are hydrating the body, but seriously are doing the opposite. The fluid you are drinking will only go through into your urine.

Phosphoric acid, that is identified in soda, is just not healthy for the bones. It competes with calcium. Instead of the body producing wholesome bones from calcium, it causes formation of bone with phosphorus. The bones are weak and brittle and may become osteoporotic. Phoshoric acid can also be hard on the stomach. It is essentially acid. Try dropping a nail into a glass of soda and see what takes place following a few hours. You’ll notice that the soda eats away at the nail. Consider what it does to the lining of our stomach.

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